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Bringing Bedfordshire Asian Businesses together


What is BABA?

Bedfordshire Asian Business Association (also known as BABA) is a support group formed by Bedfordshire based Asian business men and women. It is an open and inclusive group. You can join whether you are Asian or not.

We believe in working in partnership with our key stakeholders and local regional business community to make positive improvements which support our objectives. We also work to use our business platform and personal influence to raise money for local and international charities and good causes.


How BABA originally started?

BABA was formed as a small network group in 2011 by a handful of established local Asian entrepreneurs.

Their personal experiences and struggles which they had faced in running successful businesses gave them the desire to support new and established ventures in Bedfordshire to grow and prosper. These individuals also wished to use their knowledge and experiences to do good work for local and international charities and good causes.


BABA’s aims and objectives

To develop a thriving and diverse Asian business network which supports a socially aware, responsible, cohesive and healthy sustainable community in our region.

To promote, support and advocate good working practices and governance on behalf of the Asian Business community and to work with like-minded stakeholders to achieve our objectives.


In pursuance of our objectives, we will:

  1. Provide a platform for BABA members that will stimulate business growth and provide opportunities to share best practice.
  2. Utilise our membership base to reduce costs and provide services at an affordable and competitive price.
  3. Provide support and mentoring to members of BABA.
  4. Work in partnership with the businesses and associated partners to improve the contribution that Asian Businesses make to the community.
  5. Support and facilitate inter business working with other businesses from different backgrounds and cultures.
  6. Influence the direction of policies and procedures locally, regionally and nationally, in line with good business and anti-discriminatory practices.
  7. Assist the local authorities in the development of fair, new and existing policies that support our objectives.
  8. Work in partnership with other stakeholders and support groups where relevant to share best practice and joint objectives.
  9. Establish BABA as a key national stakeholder within the business sector by establishing strong working relationships with key organisations, partners and individuals whose aims are compatible with, or supportive of, BABA.
  10. Provide a forum for networking and act as a social group that celebrates the diversity of our members.
  11. Engage in charitable activities, locally and internationally, as appropriate.
  12. Help improve capacity and competence within the community through healthier living and general awareness.
  13. Provide leadership to the community at large in all areas of community development in furtherance of our objectives.